Monday, December 25, 2017


Gladys Johnston

"Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from Him cometh my salvation." - Psalm 62:1 (KJV)

I frequently find myself waiting: standing in line at the store, stuck in traffic, sitting in the doctor's office. I spend a lot of time waiting, and it seems like time wasted. I'd rather be busy.

But not all time waiting is wasted time. Passage after passage in the Bible asks us to "wait on the Lord."  This instruction is hard for me to take. Waiting goes against my nature and seems trivial compared to being up and doing. But I realize that waiting on the Lord is essential to experiencing a vital Christian life.

When God calls us to wait on Him, it isn't simply downtime. He wants us to shut out distractions, meditate on Him and talk to Him in prayer. Such waiting can be productive for God has promised us strength to meet life's challenges and to rise above difficulties if we come and wait to experience God's blessings.

Dear God, Give us the will to take time from our busy schedules to be with you. In Jesus name, Amen

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