Saturday, December 23, 2017


Karen Singley

The light fades
Into darkness
Then, one by one
The candles are lit
shine soft flickers of light
A symbol of
The Greatest Light
The Light of the World

The last lights are lit
Then the church bell
Across the street
strikes twelve
On Christmas Eve night

As the last chime fades
The bells begin
to ring out
Up and down the scales
Five different octaves
Five different patterns
To create a dream

In the background
The organ plays
The rejoicing, rich
"Joy to the World"

The joyous music continues
"The Lord is Come"
Plays the organ
And indeed he has come
to that very church
Announced by the angelic music
of the bells

A mood blankets the church
Originating in that presence
A mood of
Love, peace, joy, and happiness

Then in the hearts
of everyone
There is a message:
"Jesus has come!

Christmas is here!!"

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