Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weathering Life’s Changes 
Jan Benard

Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses,   Ecclesiastes 3:1 (Today's English Version)

Because I travel in my job, I am able to see the many differences this country of ours has to offer. Our area has the 4 seasons, which I love, but many areas do not get to enjoy these changes. I sometimes wonder how the people that live in those areas can appreciate what they have when they don't get to witness the cold of winter or the beauty of spring.

 I think because of these changes I can enjoy the weather more. As tough as some of the weather can be, this is how our lives can be at times, too. Because I have weathered some of the hardest times, divorce, sickness of parents and death of parents, I know God is with me during all these seasons of my life. He has given me the strength I needed during each of these events.

Prayer:   God, thank you for the different seasons we get to enjoy and for the changes in our lives that show us you are with us no matter what. Help us to continue to come to you with our fears knowing you will guide us and give us strength to continue. Amen.

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