Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mark Mizer   


‘Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and thy Dominion endures throughout all generations.’ (Psalm 145, vs. 13)

In the 1930’s the Age of Rational Thought began its reign in creating a palpable and enduring tension between scientific or rational thought and traditional religious beliefs. With rational thought the world could be explained in scientific terms with the goal of eliminating the need of the mystery and magic of an unseeable God.

Evolution theory and survival of the fittest provided much of the foundation for this ‘discipline’, further explained and ‘proven’ through a growing understanding of physics, chemistry and biology. In my mind there is no doubt that our scientific methods have led us to living longer and hopefully healthier lives. Science has opened the heavens to exploration. Science has made our lives easier and more convenient. But, science cannot explain the ‘why’.

 Can science explain the love between two people who commit their lives together in marriage? Can science explain the love that exists between a parent and a child? Can science explain the joy I have when I walk into Sharon Church and see my brothers and sisters in Christ?

I do not have a problem with science but I do have a problem with people who use science as an alternative to believing in a mysterious and wonderful living God, trying to convince others of their ‘proven truth’.  In our post- Christian Modern world we need God more than ever.  I believe without God, there would be no science and no magic to life. There would be no existence.

Prayer: Wonderful and mysterious Lord, we seek meaning in ways that cannot include You as the foundation of all existence and being. Our hearts are hard as stone and our minds closed to your magnificent love. With and in Your power melt our cold rejection of Your love and grace. Amen.

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