Monday, June 26, 2017

Deb Williams –Thought for the Day

By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another".  John 13-35
We're celebrating our anniversary at Sharon Church this year. It's a time for me to reflect on the years I've spent as part of that local body of believers. I remember a lot of good times here. Granted, there were times when I sat back and left others to do the main jobs of the church. I prefer to work in the background, and can say I've been doing that to some extent all along.

Still, it's complicated being a Christian. The church building is not a utopia. As I've seen some upsets that have happened over the years, it makes me realize I may well be a part of the troubles without even realizing it. Have not welcomed someone new, just because I'm shy with strangers? Have 
not looked at someone and thought their clothes not appropriate for church? Have I paid little attention to the sermons at times? Or put off attending Sunday School as an adult? Yes, have to admit I'm at fault and need to be ashamed of myself. I've come to the conclusion that a church Is meant to LOVE. It looks good on cards, works on t-shirts, but unless we give ourselves completely To God and his will, Love is just a word. think this is what Jesus meant when he admonished the
Disciples to love one another. Stick together, even if you disagree. Let your common ground be Him.
Do what you can to love your neighbors, friends, and even your enemies. God does!

Dear God, I love you and adore you, so now bow before you in praise and adoration. You alone are all I need, no matter what bumps and bruises this world has to offer. I know you are with me 24/7 and love me as one of your children. Please help me in my loving and helping others. Amen

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