Monday, May 29, 2017

Debbie Williams 

A Lesson in Faith

My mother passed away on November 19, 2016 from cancer.   The whole experience was to say the least, difficult.   But she left me with a fresh outlook at faith. 

She had beaten the odds several times - a bout with melanoma, breast cancer, a severe respiration infection.  But not this time. The melanoma came back. It started with her just being a bit more tired than usual. Then in a matter of days it spread to her throat and her brain. Her tongue was swollen, so she could not eat much and she could talk, but just a little slower and harder to understand.

When we went to the doctor's office and he told her...well he was telling me the diagnosis...she promptly informed him. “Talk to  me Dr. Sherry, not my daughter. It's ok. Just tell me.” So the doctor told her she had maybe 12 weeks to live.

She went home and called a few friends. A few minutes later her phone was ringing off the hook. Friends told other friends. So her calendar filled with meetings. Pastor Doug, all of her friends, family, the neighbors...they're were all scheduled to visit.  And she's was excited. She's THANKFUL to have these people in her life that want to see her. She's GREATFUL to God to have the time to say goodbye. Because most don't get that luxury.

She didn’t have any regrets. She was not afraid to die because she's spent her whole life being faithful to God.

After receiving the news of 4 to 6 weeks to live she sat me down and “dictated” to me her wishes for memorial service, songs, bible verses, funeral arrangements and met with Pastor Doug to tell him.

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