Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mark Mizer


Being Presbyterian does not mean I don't have a grand appreciation for Christian Architecture, especially the architecture of the grand cathedrals found in Europe.  When she was a sophomore at Allegheny College, our daughter, Sarah had the opportunity to spend a semester in Cologne, Germany. I was vaguely aware of a 'big church' there, but, it wasn't until Ann and I went to Cologne to see Sarah that I found a grand cathedral whose enormity, engineering and history overwhelmed me.  Called the 'High Cathedral of Saint Peter' or 'der Kolner Dom', construction was started in 1248. 
Essentially, it is still being constructed and restored. Its spires are higher than the total length of the structure, reaching almost two footballs fields laid end to end into the sky. 

For me, it is an incredibly awe inspiring edifice. I see God in its Gothic construction.

Cologne was almost totally obliterated during World War II. But, der Dom, although hit fourteen times by bombs was left mostly intact. Being the highest structure in all of Europe at that time, U.S. and British bombers used it as a navigational aid to find their targets.

For me, der Kolner Dom serves as a powerful testimony to the strength and persistence of our Christian belief.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, open our eyes to all the grandeur of Your creations, even the ones done by the hands of men and women. Amen.

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